Cat 6a


CAT6A cable also known as Augmented Category 6, requires a cable to operate at a minimum of 500Mhz and provide up to 10 Gigabits of bandwidth.
The CAT6A standard also includes a new measurement called Power-Sum Alien Crosstalk to 500MHz.
CAT6A cables will reduce the interference on a 10GBASE-T network caused by Alien Crosstalk thereby improving network performance.

  • Installation of CAT5E UTP/STP/FTP
  • Termination of CAT5E UTP/STP/FTP
  • Commissioning of CAT5E UTP/STP/FTP
  • CAT5E Cable Health Checks
  • Design Services
  • Project Management
  • Cable Repairs
  • Fluke Network Certifying
  • Fault Finding & Diagnosis
  • Vertical and Horizontal Cable Management
  • Enclosed Cabling Installation
  • Patch Cable Installations