Comms room upgrades

Upgrades and tidy ups


An untidy comms room can end up costing extra money and extra time when you need to make changes to your network.
A messy comms room means more chances of unplanned downtime.
When downtime occurs it will take longer to solve the issue causing it since you'll have a lot of trouble identifying which cable links what.
You will experience loss of productivity as no Internet access means no work is getting done.
It will not matter how expensive and powerful your routers and servers are the network will be under performing.
A messy comms room will have an impact on your network's speed.
An untidy comms room is a major health and safety risk. Your employees could trip and fall.

A C Networks can rectify this with a free site survey followed by a quote with what work needs to be done to get it back to a safe, tidy and manageable comms room.