Electrical services


AC Electrical (north) Ltd. was founded in 1997 by Adrian C. Knowles. The company has grown increasingly over the last 20 years and now employs over 40 staff all together on site and off site with the office based in Bredbury, Stockport in Cheshire.
We believe that our electricians and their abilities help us stand out from the competition. Customer feedback shows that they are more than satisfied and also very proud to work with AC Electrical. We ensure that customers and clients are provided with a safe and friendly working environment and have the knowledge and skills to undertake the job in a professional manner. We provide our clients with the very best possible service and deliver electrical services to the retail, commercial, domestic and industrial sectors. We are a fully accredited electrical contractor and with our wealth of experience we take pride in delivering services small, medium or large to a good quality on time and on a budget cost.
AC Electrical takes Health & Safety very seriously and even has a dedicated auditor.
AC Electrical recognises that in our construction operations we inevitably impact on the environment and thus are committed to minimise the potentially harmful effects of these operations whenever and wherever possible.
AC Electrical is committed to ensuring we fulfil our obligations to operate fairly and in accordance with all relevant laws and guidelines. It is our aim that, no employee or potential employee shall be discriminated against on grounds of gender, race or disability. We also promote the concept of equal opportunity to include discrimination on grounds of religious or political beliefs or sexual orientation.